Future Leaders Connect is British Council’s long-term global network of emerging policy leaders. We identify exceptional young leaders through a vigorous application process, where they demonstrate their potential to make substantial change in their countries and beyond. The 2021 programme will be delivered digitally over a six-week period from 11 October to 19 November. Successful Future Leaders Connect participants will take part in an advanced policy and leadership development programme and will meet influential stakeholders and inspirational leaders online.

Members of Future Leaders Connect will develop a deep understanding of the policy challenges faced by participants from different countries and environments. International learning will equip these participants with a variety of leadership styles and methods as well as contemporary policy insights. The programme members will be equipped with worldwide connections, policy action plans and a support package from the British Council to deliver change in their countries and beyond. 

The countries currently involved in Future Leaders Connect are Ethiopia, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Ukraine, Vietnam and the UK.

What we are looking for in candidates?

We are looking for exceptional individuals (aged 25-35) who can passionately articulate their vision for global change and explain the role of policymaking in helping them achieve this. They should be able to demonstrate leadership experience and show real potential for the future. We are looking for emerging leaders who are committed to supporting the development of their country through policy change. We hope to recruit a diverse group of people with different experiences, ideas, and backgrounds.