The British Council Arts and Library team is proud to present a new episode of Climate Connection Live, a virtual series of live conversations on Facebook with the aim of supporting the ambitions of COP26 in line with the global Climate Connection Programme. The series draws from the work of British Council Pakistan to bring together the expertise of professionals working in arts, environmental management, education and advocacy to create dialogue, share ideas and engage with the public on issues, challenges and opportunities around climate change and sustainability.  

Our featured speaker for this session wasMoyena Ahmed Niazi is the founder of Co-Design, a Sustainable Design Firm that synthesises the wisdom and creativity of global citizens and its design team in collaborative design thinking, responding with and implementing sustainable solutions.

Key insights from the guest  

  • Water and energy wastage are a concern in constructions and this practise requires rethinking.
  • Use local materials in building new structures to make buildings and infrastructures environmentally friendly.
  • Architects need to try and rethink their passive methods and reduce energy consumptions and now must look into environmentally friendly materials as globally architectural activity is responsible of adding 40% to carbon emissions and harmful gases.
  • Dialogue between clients and architects is crucial as people who are planning to construct a new house, or a building need to be educated on energy use and on renewable construction materials.
  • Lifestyle changes are crucial now to save water for the future generation and start thinking on using alternative energy resources is need of the hour.