The British Council Pakistan in collaboration with Saffron Music UK invites aspiring musicians to submit their applications for “Beyond Binaries”.  To empower musicians in the process of developing their skills and repertoires, this programme will provide access to resources and networking both in Pakistan and the UK with the aim of providing sonic agency to more women, non-binary and other gender minority musicians.

The programme is designed to enable participants with the tools to build their craft. Through a series of online workshops, mentoring sessions and events, the Saffron Membership will enable musicians to learn new skills in the field of music tech and grow their profile as artists within the music sector. Saffron’s aim is to advance gender equality in the music tech sector by creating a safe space for women, non-binary people and other minority genders to learn and build confidence. Selected participants will have access to the Saffron Membership Club for 12 months.

Participants will also be provided with mentoring sessions with Pakistani artists & music industry members to help grow their understanding of the music landscape in which they exist.

This programme is open to all women, non-binary and other gender minorities based in Pakistan. You must be a practising musician, producer, composer, songwriter, instrumentalist, sound engineer etc.