Thank you all for the beautiful letters and for generously and openly sharing your thoughts and ideas with us. We really enjoyed reading your handwritten missives. Shortlisting was a very hard task Indeed! However, we are really excited to announce the letters selected for the next phase! 

2020 has been an extraordinary year of highs and lows, breakdowns and breakthroughs and a collective, sometimes sombre, journey of introspection and reflection. As we continue to be socially distanced from family, friends and other loved ones, we yearn for the time we could meet and interact freely. In the absence of human connection and physical connection, Aik Khat Tumharay Naam is an effort to share your thoughts, heart and soul with the world. 

Penning your thoughts on a piece of paper is a transcendental and nostalgic experience. In the digital age, this act still is romanticized and respected. The act of writing puts a physicality to your thoughts, to your ideas and  to your emotions. Aik Khat Tumharay Naam takes this sentiment and offers a unique platform for all those who love to write and are nostalgic about the loss of “proper” letter writing as an art form. Submissions will be reviewed and selected to be showcased at the WOW Pakistan Festival 2021. 

Here is the link, for more information:

  • Aik Khat Tumharay Naam - PDF (Adobe PDF 3MB)