Supporting early-career academics and enhancing the quality of teaching in higher education

Pakistan will soon have its first, internationally recognised teaching Fellows, after a new programme was launched to help early-career academics develop their teaching skills.

Developed by Advanced HE in collaboration with the Pakistan National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE), the Fellowship programme is for graduates of Pakistan’s existing ‘Interim Placement for Fresh PhD’s (IPFP) programme’.  

The programme is part of the wider Pak-UK Education Gateway- a partnership between the British Council in Pakistan and the Pakistan Higher Education Commission - which seeks to deepen relations between the higher education sectors of Pakistan and the UK.

Hon. Safqat Mehmood, Pakistan Federal Minister for Education said, “The British Council team has … very enthusiastically helped us develop a strategic relationship with Advance HE in the UK to enhance NAHE’s governance system in Pakistan. This programme will immensely help improve the teaching abilities of thousands of teachers reaching millions of students across our nationwide universities.”

Advance HE Fellowships give academic staff international recognition of their teaching skills and experience, and demonstrate professionalism in learning and teaching in higher education.

Advance HE CEO Alison Johns said: "I am delighted that graduates of the Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs (IPFP) programme will have the opportunity to apply for recognition as Advance HE Associate Fellows. Our Fellowship programme recognises those that teach and support learning in higher education worldwide, with over 140,000 Fellowships in 99 different countries now being awarded.  Associate Fellowship allows a person to reflect on how they support student learning and has been shown to have benefits for the applicants, their institutions and their students. This is an excellent opportunity for IPFP participants to achieve this global recognition, and I am delighted that we can work with the British Council, the Higher Education Commission and National Academy of Higher Education to support this."

Dr. Nishat Riaz MBE, Director of Education at the British Council Pakistan said “With over 200 universities, Pakistan’s higher education sector is among the fastest growing sectors in the world. With this exponential growth in numbers, quality of teaching continues to be one of the key areas of priority for the country. We are delighted to support the establishment of the National Academy of Higher Education, the first centre in Pakistan which is now ready to provide capacity development opportunities for thousands of teachers and faculty with the support of UK partners. This fellowship programme is at the heart of our mission in bringing internationally recognised training to academics in Pakistan. A wonderful opportunity to help improve the quality of teaching and learning, benefitting around three million students in coming years.”  

Dr. Shaheen Sardar Ali, Rector NAHE shared “ The opportunity for  NAHE trained early career academics to apply for a Fellowship of Advance HE, UK, is a dream come true. These are all public sector academics who would not otherwise have had access to apply and be facilitated an internationally recognized accreditation of their professional competence. We look forward to further fruitful collaboration with the British Council and Advance HE”.

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