The Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies (DICE) programme has launched its most recent initiative, the DICE Women’s Fellowship - a bespoke experience for 150 women business owners and leaders across Pakistan, running promising social and creative enterprises in Pakistan. Given the ongoing pandemic, the delivery of the programme will be entirely digital through January to March 2021.

DICE takes a holistic approach to addressing entrenched issues of economic and social exclusion. This fellowship will aim to bring these issues to light with our fellows. The fellowship curriculum will explore the different themes of issues that women-led enterprises face at three levels: personal growth, business growth, networking and community building. It will also initiate conversations around self-esteem, mental health issues as well as cultural barriers that women entrepreneurs face.

The fellowship will have a strong focus on community building and will aim to provide for a safe space for our participants. Through the course of the three-month programme, our fellows will be divided in smaller groups and will be given the opportunity to collaboratively design solutions to a problem their businesses face in this male dominated space.