We are looking for an agency to evaluate our flagship Scottish scholarship programme by reaching out to the scholars/alumni and educational institutes, who benefitted as a result of the school and university level scholarship grants, and assess the anticipated benefit and impact made as a result.


Closing date Thursday, 22 February 2024

Role overview

The evaluation agency is expected to:

  • Propose a robust study design, with a specific focus on the sampling approach, reflecting inclusiveness1 and representation as core considerations, as the programme alumni and scholars are spread over the entire country (Pakistan), so we expect a fair representation of the sample across all geographical, social, and ethnic strands.
  • Review the existing theory of change of the programme and suggest improvements as well.

For more details please check all related documents below. 

How to apply

The detailed proposal must be emailed to moiz.khalid@britishcouncil.org.pk ONLY before 22 February 2024

Please share clarification requests on the above before 13 February 2024