The British Council is delivering the Pakistan Youth Leadership Initiative (PYLI) project in partnership with Education Above All.

It is a three-year project led by British Council Pakistan will be implemented in Pakistan in partnership with Government of Pakistan’s Prime Minister’s Youth Development Programme, Higher Education Commission, UNDP Pakistan, local CSOs and public universities.


Closing date Thursday, 25 January 2024

Role overview

The primary objective of the mapping exercise is to conduct an assessment of districts in the four provinces: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan. to provide PYLI project the following analyses under the baseline exercise:

1. District analyses of local population, youth demographic, digital literacy, global citizenship education, climate change impacts and security issues. The exercise will involve a systematic analysis of socio-economic factors that influence the overall well-being of the districts, considering aspects such as income levels, employment opportunities, education, and healthcare services, gender inequality, marginalization, and social vulnerabilities. Special attention of this exercise will be to understand the dynamics of the youth population particularly vulnerable youth groups assessing their unique needs and challenges with the lens of four outcomes of the project. This exercise will also provide district profiles of youth groups.

2. the mapping exercise will assess the effects of climate change on the districts. This entails an analytical exercise through interviews and secondary data review available (through British Council and UNDP), of environmental factors, the identification of vulnerabilities, and an assessment of potential risks posed by climate change. The overarching goal is to attain a holistic understanding of how environmental changes may impact the districts and their youth populations.

3. Upon the successful completion of the mapping exercise, the resulting report is expected to present a prioritized list of districts based on the findings. This prioritisation is crucial for informing the PYLI project, which aims to address identified challenges and enhance overall conditions within the selected districts keeping in view the aforementioned project outcomes.


How to apply

The detailed proposal must be emailed to only before 25 January 2024.