This research project is concerned with the third strand of British Council’s women and girls empowerment strategy; ‘building the skills and confidence of women and girls to achieve their potential, and have more influence over decisions that affect their lives’. For the purpose of this study, we are interested in the decision of whether or not to continue studying STEM subjects to a higher education level and pursue a career in STEM disciplines. (We are only concerned with students who have already completed STEM subjects at O and A level in the past three years.)


Location Pakistan
Closing date Monday, 25 May 2015

Role overview

The 2012 report; ‘Voice and Agency: Empowering Women and Girls for shared prosperity’ recognised that expanding women's agency - their ability to make decisions and take advantage of opportunities - is key to improving their lives, as well as the aiding international development. ‘Power and decision-making’ is also one of the United Nations gender development indicators.

The research objectives are:

1.    Do a gender-disaggregated analysis of participation in STEM subjects to indicate the current situation of women in STEM subjects in Pakistan who have;

- Completed STEM subjects at 0 and A level,

- Enrolled in STEM subjects at a higher education level,

- Completed STEM subjects in higher education, and

- Been employed in STEM careers for over five years.

2.    Explore factors which determine female students’ choice to continue with STEM subjects to understand reasons why they decide to remain or leave STEM disciplines.

3.    Recommend ways to enhance female participation in STEM in higher education.

4.    Promote role models by creating case studies of successful women in STEM careers.

Please read the attached ITT document for more information.

How to apply

  1. Provide up to date contact details using the template provided in ANNEX 2.
  2. Complete ‘Supplier Response’ using the template given in ANNEX 3, ensuring all answers are inserted below each section of the British Council requirements.
  3. Submit all mandatory documentation by email to  by 25 May 2015, with the subject title ‘Women in STEM Proposal’.