This call aims to provide young students in universities and colleges an opportunity to engage in social action within their communities to address local issues through our institutionalized Citizenship Education &Community Engagement Programme - Active Citizens. The British Council is interested to seek the Expression of Interest from interested trainers/facilitators across Pakistan to conduct/facilitate the trainings of the faculty members of the degree awarding institutions as a part of the Citizenship Education & Community Engagement Programme - Active Citizens.


Location Pakistan
Duration 1 Year
Closing date Thursday, 25 June 2015

Role overview

We aim to equip 150,000 young leaders across Pakistan with skills to help them: 

  • Address social issues
  • Access decision-making
  • Contribute towards uniting people of all generations to build stronger communities 

The selected facilitators will facilitate the training for faculty members of partner universities. This training is aimed to build the capacity of the faculty members as Active Citizens facilitators to understand and deliver Active Citizens learning module to the students in the classroom.


Citizenship Education & Community Engagement Programme- Active Citizens
Facilitator’s Profile


  1. Pakistani national
  2. Both males and females are eligible to apply
  3. Age should be between 27 to 40 years
  4. Having background knowledge and experience of social work
  5. Excellent facilitator and trainer: minimum three years of experience in facilitation of training
  6. Good interpersonal skills, good manager of groups, excellent at synthesis and analysis, good presentation skills
  7. Experience of conducting training for the teachers of higher education institutions
  8. Preferably experience of delivering training of trainers
  9. Strong sense and understanding of the local and national culture and identity
  10. Excellent communication skills in relation to target audience
  11. Good understanding of global interdependence, global citizenship and sustainable development
  12. Experience of working on Youth development and youth related issues
  13. Understanding of commitment to local community development, local community systems and processes
  14. Established local and national professional networks
  15. Willing to travel across Pakistan including Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir
  16. Available to deliver training as a trainer/facilitator and be able to follow up training as a commitment agreed with the British Council


  1. Experience of working with the local community
  2. Understanding of British Council agenda in relation to diversity and working effectively with difference
  3. Experience of mentoring young people in learning and development
  4. Strong English language skills
  5. Strong local language skills

 Facilitator’s role:

  1. Agree and confirm contract terms and conditions before attending the training (given below).
  2. Attend the five days Active Citizens Training of Lead Facilitators (first week of August 2015)
  3. Deliver the local training component  and follow-up modules with British Council - partner identified groups of young people during Aug 2015 – July 2016
  4. Offer feedback on all elements of the programme
  5. Facilitators will also have additional tasks as identified by University delivery partners and the British Council local offices including reporting of trainings, debriefing sessions, M&E of capacity building cycle, feedback on training content and participation in events related to facilitators.

Terms of Reference (ToR)

Inputs of Facilitators 

Key responsibilities of the Facilitator will include: 

               I.      Develop and agree training plan for Citizenship Education & Community Engagement Programme- Active Citizens with British Council Pakistan and local University partner. 

              II.      Facilitate a minimum of four to six training (each training is of 5-days) with faculty members of selective University partners in Pakistan during August 15 – July 2016.

   Specific tasks include: 

  • Agree design and programme with British Council  Pakistan, University partner and co-facilitator
  • Facilitate agreed sessions during training
  • Review training with co-facilitator, University partner and British Council Pakistan
  • Report writing
  • Documenting workshop feedback forms
  • Provide mentoring and support to new facilitators in cascading training 

            III.      Take the lead in field support visits of Universities after delivering Training of Facilitators (TOF) of faculty members from October 2015 - March 2016. Tasks include: 

  • Support in cascading TOF in classrooms with students
  • Feedback and mentoring support to faculty members on session delivery
  • Work as mentor in implementation of SAPs in field
  • Support in University Exchange visits
  • Support in policy dialogues 

The Facilitator is expected to submit a narrative report to the British Council at the end of each workshop/field visit. The format of the report is to be agreed with the British Council and a local partner.

How to apply

Download the application form available below and email the filled application form to

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