The British Council is looking for partners on implementation of Pakistan Youth Leadership Initiative (PYLI) Programme. 


Closing date Friday, 16 February 2024

Role overview

Partnership agreements and implementation will follow a pathway as given below:

  • Establishment of partnership model (for example, British Council, delivery Partner, funding agency).
  • Scoping to identify communities and young leaders as per the thematic focus.
  • Assessment of existing or required venues and equipment.
  • Safeguarding code of conduct/ Safeguarding Policy checks as per British Council policies.
  • Agree roles and responsibilities with partners.
  • Establish project governance and reporting structures.
  • Formal signing of partnership agreement.
  • CSO Staff orientation on project model, tools and products
  • Selection and training of facilitators.
  • Selection and training of Young leaders From selected communities.
  • YLAs planned and delivered by PYLI young leaders.
  • Mentoring and guidance support for PYLI young leaders.
  • Monitoring progress and completion of PYLI project deliverables.
  • Digital portal related requirements fulfilled and regular reporting.
  • Participation in all digital/ face to face events and meetings organized by British council.
  • Contribute to project technical development, reviews and evaluation exercises as and when organised by British Council.
  • Participate in Annual Partners’ Forum organised by British Council for all project partners.
  • Narrative and financial reporting as per the agreed M&E and financial management plan.
  • Monitor potential risks regularly, maintain risk registers and report back to British Council
  • Adhere to British Council comms policy and project communications plan.
  • Participate in project technical and financial audits as and when organised by British Council.
  • Support project closure as mandated by British Council closure processes.

How to apply

Please submit the following as part of your Partnership Proposal by 16 February 2024 by email to

-       Organisations that have received EOI request via email from British Council are not eligible to apply. 

-       Organisations that submitted EOI for Pakistan Youth Leadership Initiative (PYLI) in November / December 2023 are not eligible to apply.

 Your submissions should include following documents:

  1. Complete Partnership Application Form
  2. Organisational Registration Documents (Scanned copies)
  3. Resolution of Governing Body to Apply for Partnership
  4. Audit Reports for the last three two years.
  5. Details of Organisation’s board of directors and management structure. List of existing/current projects/programmes and donors
  6. Organisational registration certificate with EAD/Ministry of Interior
  7. Evidence/ permission from local authorities to operate in the proposed district/s for which you are submitting the EOI.
  8. List of districts that you want to work in- explain why and highlight existing projects and resources available.
  9. One / two paragraphs on value addition, how will the local organisation contribute (e.g., local networks, partnerships with line departments etc.)
  10. Brief profiles of programme management staff
  11. Two reference letters from previous clients/donors

(The size of the email along with the attachments should not exceed limit of 10 MB)