Meet the Judges' Panel for Alumni Awards 2023-24

Yaruq Nadeem

Master’s in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management, Imperial College London

Leading Innovation and Partnerships at National Science & Technology Park (NSTP). He spearheaded the U.S. Embassy's Rising Stars Startup Competition, empowering 800+ founders from 52+ Pakistani cities, fostering an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem. His efforts contributed to PKR 10+ billion in revenue and startup funding, 4,500+ jobs, and 150+ startups in 4 years, elevating Pakistan to 88th in the Global Innovation Index. He won the Business and Innovation Award at the Study UK Alumni Awards

Faisal Abbasi

Chief Customer Officer, Idenfo

26+ years of diverse expertise in Reg Tech, Wealth Tech, Health Tech, Insurance Tech, and Banking & Advisory, progressed from an office trainee in 1997 to CEO at an Insurance Tech firm in 2016 to CCO at Idenfo in 2022. He excels in initiating innovative strategies, enhancing customer experiences, optimizing distribution channels, and cost-efficient outcomes, specializing in Corporate Strategy, Sales Management, Digital Transformation, Leadership Development, and Customer Journey Optimization.

Dr Munir Sewani

Assistant Professor of Education, Sindh Madressatul Islam University

A teacher and a human rights advocate, serving as an Assistant Professor of Education at Sindh Madressatul Islam University. Formerly a visiting academic scholar at the Humboldt University of Berlin and the University of California, Berkeley. During the distance learning master’s programme from the Open University, He presented his research at conferences, empowering him with digital literacy and an opportunity to disseminate education to underprivileged communities from over 65 countries.

Qaisar Roonjha

Executive Director, WANG

He has been pivotal in empowering local communities in Balochistan. Co-founder of the Wang Lab of Innovation (WALI), the region's inaugural rural innovation hub, aiming to revolutionize rural communities with technology. He co-created, Pakistan's first platform dedicated to Artificial Intelligence in Urdu. His academic journey in sustainable development and peacebuilding at Brandeis University and Canadian Mennonite University underpins his firm belief in fostering community growth.

Dr Sarah Qureshi

Dr Sarah Qureshi, an Aerospace Engineer with a PhD in Aerospace Propulsion Engineering, is the co-founder and CEO of Aero Engine Craft Pvt Ltd., Pakistan’s pioneer in eco-friendly jet engine R&D. She contributed to drone autopilot for mid-air refueling, and invented a supersonic commercial aircraft engine. She evaluates green solutions as an expert at the Solar Impulse Foundation. Regarded as a trailblazer for women in STEM, Sarah inspires global women leaders in Aerospace as a pioneer.

Mehak Masood

Master of Environment, The University of Melbourne

An Environmentalist and Climate Change Scientist. With 13+ years' experience, she led environmental, sustainability, and climate change efforts at USAID, GIZ, British Council, IUCN, DAI, and the University of Melbourne. As Head of Sustainability and ESG at Artistic Milliners, she founded Green Women Pakistan. Globally represented at the Mosaic International Leadership Programme, the Climate Reality Project Training by Al Gore, and a green social entrepreneurship project to HRH King Charles.

Sana Pirzada

She established VLA - Virtual Legal Advisory. Holding degrees from the London School of Economics and King's College, London, she previously taught Criminology & Jurisprudence in Karachi. She also served as Director of Learning and Development at Excelerate (Pvt.) Ltd. Sana is also the author of four UK-published books in Victorian Gothic literature: "The Rose Within - A Gothic Romance," "Vernon Hall & Other Stories," and "Naomi Byron & The Raven's Call."

Dawood Shah Tareen

Advisor and Director for the Culture Department, Government of Baluchistan

He is inclined and devoted to enhancing the role of culture and arts, using media and film. He has digitized the whole system making it an important resource for the survival of the Balochi culture in the future. He was able to introduce the use of multi-media storytelling, to inculcate normality in the minds of an otherwise conservative tribal society.