Following conversations with schools, Cambridge International will make some replacement Cambridge O Level and IGCSE exams available in Pakistan at the end of July – allowing students in year 11 to complete their studies in key subjects before they start the next school year.

The safety of students and staff remains our highest priority. These exams will take place in venues where compliance with current Health and Safety Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is possible. Students can still take exams instead in the November 2021 series if they prefer, for the same fee as the June 2021 series.

We are focusing on providing the main subjects that students will continue in their future studies:

Cambridge O Level Cambridge IGCSE
English - First Language English - First Language
Mathematics Mathematics
Biology Biology
Chemistry Chemistry
Physics Physics
Business Studies  
Computer Science  

Candidates will only take one question paper per subject. That one question paper will be a multiple-choice paper where it exists for the syllabus. Multiple choice covers many aspects of the syllabus, and typically lasts 60 minutes.

We want to give students as much time as possible to prepare for these exams. Therefore, we are planning for them to take place in the last week of July and the first week of August.

We have chosen a set of subjects that will benefit the majority of students, enabling them to graduate from their Cambridge O Level or IGCSE courses and start preparing for A Level from second week of August. It will also enable most O Level and IGCSE students to fulfil the IBCC requirement for equivalence without having to take the exam in a future series.

We will make Pakistan Studies, Islamiyat, Urdu 1st Language and Urdu 2nd Language available in the November 2021 series. There are many other subjects also available for that series.Private candidates will also be able to sit these exams. The British Council will contact them in due course with details of venues and Statements of Entries.

We have decided not to make replacement Cambridge International AS Level exams available. Unlike Cambridge O Level and IGCSE candidates, AS Level candidates can take these exams as part of their A Level studies – either in October/November 2021 or in June 2022 alongside their ‘A2’ exams.

In order to provide exams for all students who had entries for June, we ask schools to work with us and the British Council to provide extra venues that comply with all SOPs.

Next steps

We are now working out the exact timetable and the venues. We will say more about these as soon as we can. We will also be in touch with schools next week with more information about the entry process. Students should contact their schools if they have questions.

Will the question papers be new, or have they been used before elsewhere?

These are new question papers, and we have not used them anywhere else before.

Will the results of the specified Cambridge IGCSE and O Level exams be recognised by universities in Pakistan and abroad?

Yes. We will inform universities about our adapted series for Pakistan, including where necessary, a grade based on minimum valid assessment.

What should I do with my entries for subjects that are not listed here?

Students can still take those exams in the November 2021 series if they wish, for the same fee as the June 2021 series.

When will results be released?

With exams taking place much later than usual, results will also be released later. We are working out when we can release results and we will let schools know more as soon as possible.