What is different for the July/August replacement exams in Pakistan?

The replacement exams will run in a very similar way to the exams in the Cambridge June or November series. However, there will be some differences. This guide takes you through the tasks, activities and dates that are different for the replacement exams in July/August.

Enquiries about results

Please submit enquiries about results through on Direct in the usual way. The deadline for submitting enquiries is Tuesday 9 November 2021.

Schools can submit enquiries for the replacement exams and for all other Cambridge O Levels and Cambridge IGCSEs  taken in the June 2021 series that are not included in the replacement exams.

All enquiry about results services will be available except Service 9 (Report on the work of a group of candidates).



To give candidates as much time as possible to prepare, exams will take place from 26 July – 2 August 2021.  There are 14 syllabuses available. View the timetable.

Syllabus codes

We have given each of the 14 syllabuses a new syllabus code for the replacement exams in July/August, these are shown below. The syllabus content remains exactly the same and there are specimen papers for the components listed in the table below on Cambridge’s School Support Hub under the June 2021 syllabus codes. The table shows the new codes in the first column and the June 2021 syllabus codes in the third column.

New syllabus and component code for replacement exams in July/August 

Paper type 

June 2021 syllabus code 

Question paper referenced in the syllabus 

Cambridge IGCSE First Language English (1520/22) 

Non-multiple choice 


Paper 2 

Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics (1521/32, 42) 

Non-multiple choice (core and extended) 


Paper 3 (core) 

Paper 4 (extended) 

Cambridge IGCSE Biology (1522/12, 22) 

Multiple-choice (core and extended) 


Paper 1 (core) 

Paper 2 (extended) 

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry (1523/12, 22) 

Multiple-choice (core and extended) 


Paper 1 (core) 

Paper 2 (extended) 


Cambridge IGCSE Physics (1524/12, 22) 

Multiple-choice (core and extended) 


Paper 1 (core) 

Paper 2 (extended) 



Cambridge O Level English Language (3170/12) 

Non-multiple choice 



Paper 1 

Cambridge O Level Mathematics (3171/22) 

Non-multiple choice 


Paper 2 

Cambridge O Level Biology (3172/12) 



Paper 1 

Cambridge O Level Chemistry (3173/12) 



Paper 1 

Cambridge O Level Physics (3174/12) 



Paper 1 

Cambridge O Level Computer Science (3175/12) 

Non-multiple choice 


Paper 1 

Cambridge O Level Accounting (3176/12) 



Paper 1 

Cambridge O Level Business Studies (3177/12) 

Non-multiple choice 


Paper 1 

Cambridge O Level Economics (3178/12) 



Paper 1 

Preparing candidates

Question papers for the replacement exams are new and have not been used anywhere else before. Candidates will sit one question paper per subject which will be a multiple-choice paper where one exists for the syllabus. Where a multiple-choice paper is not available candidates will sit a question paper that is not multiple choice for the syllabus. See column two in the table above.

You should prepare candidates for the timetabled paper, but it will benefit their future studies to also cover the wider syllabus content.

Access arrangements

Cambridge will carry over any approved access arrangements from the June 2021 series to the replacement exams, you do not need to reapply. You can also apply for new access arrangements for the replacement exams in the usual way before the timetabled date of the exam.

Modified papers

Cambridge will carry approved requests for modified papers for the June 2021 series over to the replacement exams in July/August. It takes time to produce modified papers and therefore it is very unlikely that Cambridge will be able to accept any new requests for the replacement exams. If you do have a request please contact us as soon as possible to see if Cambridge can produce the modification or advise on any alternative.

Component exemptions

You cannot apply for a component exemption as candidates will only sit one component in the replacement June series.


Statements of entry

Statements of entry are available for schools to download from Cambridge International Direct. The British Council will download the statements for private candidates and email them to candidates. All entries for the 14 syllabuses have moved to the replacement exams unless schools have withdrawn them.

New syllabus codes

The new codes for the 14 syllabuses are on the statement of entries for the replacement exams in July/August. They will also be on the statements of results.

Before the exams

Forecast grades

You need to submit forecast grades for candidates taking the replacement exams. A forecast grade is the grade the teacher expects each candidate to achieve for each syllabus they are entered for.

The deadline for submitting forecast grades is Friday 13 August.

To submit forecast grades:

  • Download and complete the template of forecast grades available at the end of this page.
  • Schools should fill information required under green coloured cells in the template
  • Send us the completed file of forecast grades at cambridgeschools@britishcouncil.org.pk

Cambridge uses forecast grades to:

  • Inform decisions about syllabus grade thresholds
  • Help make a post-exam adjustment to a candidate's mark if you need to apply for special consideration to make allowances for some adverse circumstances, for example illness, bereavement, or temporary injury
  • Carry out checks before we release results

Without forecast grades Cambridge cannot apply the above quality assurance processes.

Exam day

Special consideration

The special consideration category ‘absent from a component for acceptable reasons’ is not available for the replacement exams. This is because the exams are one component only which means if a candidate misses the exam Cambridge will not have any other components from which to calculate an assessed grade. Schools can still apply for ‘Present but Disadvantaged’ if candidates are affected by adverse circumstances at the time of the exam.

Guidance for candidates and parents on exam day

The British Council has provided schools with guidance on running exams safely during Covid-19 and which meet the local standard operating procedures.This guidance applies to the replacement exams. The British Council will provide schools with additional guidance to remind candidates and parents of the importance of maintaining social distancing measures and other government SOPs for Covid-19 when waiting to go in to and out of exam venues.  


Results release date

Results will be released on 26 October at 10:00 AM PST (06:00 UTC+1) for Cambridge IGCSEs and O Levels in the June 2021 series and for the replacement exams from July / August.

Results for Cambridge International AS & A Level taken during the June 2021 exam series will be released on 10 August 2021.

To prepare for results release read our guide.

Will the question papers be new, or have they been used before elsewhere?

These are new question papers, and we have not used them anywhere else before.

Will the results of the specified Cambridge IGCSE and O Level exams be recognised by universities in Pakistan and abroad?

Yes. We will inform universities about our adapted series for Pakistan, including where necessary, a grade based on minimum valid assessment.

What should I do with my entries for subjects that are not listed here?

Students can still take those exams in the November 2021 series if they wish, for the same fee as the June 2021 series.