The British Council works with a wide range of schools across Pakistan in both the public and private sectors through projects, events, courses, workshops and digital resources and platforms.

From policy level engagement to head teachers’ leadership skills development, teachers’ continuing professional development, student competitions, school to school partnerships; the British Council brings the best of UK expertise and innovation in school education and facilitates mutually beneficial relationships between school systems and professionals in Pakistan and the UK. 


School Partnerships: Connecting classrooms

Connecting Classrooms

The Connecting Classrooms programme provide an opportunity to schools in Pakistan to connect with the schools in the UK. The partnership offers the teachers and young people the chance to collaborate directly with their international peers, bringing challenging global issues to life and creating meaningful cross-cultural relationships.

Connecting Classrooms is a British Council managed programme working in over 50 countries that offers school partnerships, professional development courses, accreditation and the chance to share best practice with international counterparts. The programme is working in Pakistan since 2007 and has so far connected 200 schools with the schools in the UK, provided training to 1,500 teachers and engaged 40,000 young people with global audience, social action and other projects.

Connecting Classrooms is designed to help young people learn about international themes and become responsible global citizens. It facilitates partnerships between schools in the UK and other countries, providing educational benefits for young people around the world. Having a good grasp of global issues and of development is an important part of young people’s education and supports them to develop into good global citizens for the future.

Want to develop a School Partnership?

Professional Development

The teachers/head teachers can equip themselves to tackle global themes in the classroom and to develop the relevant skills and outlooks in young people. Both our online courses and face to face workshops provide an ideal opportunity for teachers to share experiences, increase knowledge, discover new ways of doing things and inspire one another. To register for face to face workshops, please email your name, school, city, address and telephone number to us and we will be in touch whenever there is a face to face training opportunity available in or near your city.

You can also register for our free online courses from anywhere and anytime. Find out how to get more information about the online courses.

International School Award (ISA)

The International School Award (ISA) is a prestigious badge award for schools that can bring an international dimension to teaching and learning. The framework will help you and your colleagues to introduce or develop your school’s international dimension though:

  • a framework for international partnerships and global learning
  • recognition for teachers and their school
  • opportunities to raise the school’s profile.

The ISA is designed to work alongside your existing curriculum. It’s based around the idea that a partnership will flourish if the international work is integrated with everyday classroom activity. Work that tackles global themes does not necessarily require extra effort. The ISA encourages a truly embedded approach. Experience shows that this makes it much easier to engage the whole school, particularly other educators and the senior management team.

For more information visit the ISA website

Schools Online

British Council Schools Online is an online platform that showcases and supports all our schools’ work with a variety of online tools designed to help enable teachers to interact with other teachers globally, access professional development resources and online courses, join on-going international projects, search for partner schools in the UK and other parts of the world to work on projects. As of today, 1450 schools from Pakistan have been registered on the web portal and 800 teachers have taken one or more out of seven online courses on this website.

Register with Schools Online and visit the website regularly to make the most of the resources.

International Inspiration

About a million young people have been involved in and inspired for sports and physical education in the last three years, after the British Council’s International Inspiration came to Pakistan. Pakistan is amongst the 20 countries in the world who have joined this programme, delivering the ambitions promised by the London bid team in Singapore, to “reach young people all around the world and connect them to the inspirational power of the Games, so they are inspired to choose sport”.
International Inspiration aspires to enrich the lives of millions of children and young people through the power of high quality and inclusive physical education, sport and play.
The British Council was able to achieve its goal of promoting physical education and sports in schools amongst children and young people in Pakistan through partnerships with many organisations working Pakistan like Aga Khan Education Services Pakistan, The Citizens Foundation, Children Global Network and the Sindh Education Foundation
The programme has also established school partnerships between 58 UK and Pakistani schools, including schools for disability and challenged children, directly engaging 100,000 young people.
The biggest achievement of International Inspiration in Pakistan has been a mandatory Physical Education for all children in government schools in Sindh, Punjab and Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) as well as implementation of a customised physical education curriculum is developed and will be used in all government schools in these provinces and territories to teach physical education to children.