Established in 2013, the British Council’s Punjab Education and English Language Initiative (PEELI) works in close collaboration with the Government of Punjab’s Schools Education Department (SED) and the Directorate of Staff Development (DSD) to support the Chief Minister’s education reform roadmap and enhance the quality of teaching in primary and elementary schools in all 36 districts of Punjab – one of the largest public education systems in the world.

 PEELI focuses on three broad areas:

  1. teaching methodology
  2. English language and
  3. leadership

We provide training, resources and self-directed learning opportunities not only for teachers and teacher educators but also for district officials and head teachers. This inclusive approach helps to encourage and embed good classroom practice.

PEELI’s ultimate aim is to contribute to stronger student learning outcomes (SLOs). This can only be achieved by improving the quality of teaching. We seek to do this by equipping teachers with the skills and knowledge they require to adopt a child-centred, activity-based approach with the judicious use of languages (Urdu/mother tongue and English). This helps to ensure that students’ cognitive and linguistic abilities develop hand-in-hand, leading to improved learning outcomes, a pre-requisite for better life chances.

In December 2015 the British Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Punjab which provides for a significant expansion of PEELI over the next three years.  As a result, by 2019 we aim to have helped an estimated 300,000 primary and middle school teachers reach their potential and develop the knowledge and skills required to deliver world class teaching in Punjab.