Study UK Alumni Awards celebrate the achievements of outstanding UK Alumni who have made an impact through their work in their respective fields.

Finalist - Science and Sustainability Award

Dr. Sarah Qureshi

Cranfield University

CEO and co-founder of Aero Engine Craft, Dr Sarah develops eco-friendly jet engines to reduce global warming. Her area of specialization is Aerospace Propulsion where she works on the development of an environment-friendly contrail-free jet engine. While studying in the UK, she also worked on the design of autopilot for the mid-air refueling of drones and trained for acrobatic flying as a private licensed pilot, mastering several acrobatic manoeuvres.

Finalist - Science and Sustainability Award

Dr. Mohsin Wahid

Newcastle University

An independent scientist, Dr Mohsin Wahid wears many hats at the Dow International Medical Centre. He always had a keen interest in Human Genetics. Amongst many of his achievements, He was selected for the highly prestigious higher education commission of Pakistan scholarship to study in the UK. He also established the Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine lab at Dow University of Health and Sciences and the Stem Cell Biobanking Facility for BMT.

Finalist - Science and Sustainability Award

Abdul Matin

Birkbeck University

Professor and Dean at the University of Baltistan, Skardu. Abdul Matin plays a key role in shaping academia. Pursuing legislators to fund and design policies to enhance the research culture in Pakistan. A Postgraduate Student Representative at Birkbeck, pursuing to open a campus for the university in Pakistan, he is currently part of the Birkbeck mentoring pathway program. He has worked with various ethics groups in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Pakistan.


Finalist - Science and Sustainability Award

Dr. Muhammad Imran Khan

University of Reading

Associate Dean - Research at CECOS University, Peshawar. Dr. Khan excels as a lead energy researcher in the sustainable development of low-carbon energy systems. His applied multi-disciplinary research enlisted him among the top 1% of most-cited scientists globally. His efforts to reduce the environmental impact of energy systems in developing countries granted him awards such as Energy Engineer of the Year by the Association of Energy Engineers, USA.

Finalist - Culture and Creativity Award

Zeneb Abid

University of London

A corporate legal expert, an international law lecturer, and a member of ‘Women in Law Initiative’ in Pakistan, Zeneb Abid’s work has been instrumental in the government sector, particularly for the commercialization of IP and Energy. She has promoted women's empowerment through significant workshops and publications in Dawn News, Ananke, and Courting the Law. Zeneb is also an advisor for law students globally and the Alumni Ambassador of the University of London.

Finalist - Culture and Creativity Award

Dr. Aroosa Kanwal

Lancaster University

Assistant Professor of English Literature and chairperson, Department of English at the International Islamic University, Dr. Aroosa is a mentor to many. She has garnered worldwide recognition as a Pakistani literary critic in her field, awarded KLF-Coca Cola Award for best non-fiction book in 2015. Dr. Aroosa believes that Lancaster University transformed her career over the last 10 years, making her more confident and independent as a literary scholar.

Finalist - Culture and Creativity Award

Dawood Shah

University of Westminster

An advisor and Director for the Culture Department in the Government of Baluchistan, Dawood is devoted to enhancing the role of culture and arts, using media and film, digitizing the system making it the core for the survival of the Balochi culture in the future.He introduced multi-media storytelling to inculcate normality in the minds of an otherwise conservative society. The University of Westminster provided him with skills, vital to pursuing journalism.


Finalist - Social Action Award

Dr. Muhammad Quraish Khan

King's College London

As District Police Officer, Kurram Tribal District of Pakistan, Quraish has rendered outstanding services in the larger public interest with selfless devotion. He established the first-ever Women Reporting Centre at Parachinar on a self-help basis in 2020, receiving an award by the UN Women (UNW) Pakistan for actions against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and recognised as a pioneer and HeForShe advocate in the field of Gender Responsive Policing (GRP).

Finalist - Social Action Award

Beenish Zia

University College London

A human rights advocate, Beenish has worked with AGHS legal aid cell providing free legal representation to marginalized women, children, and minorities. She managed a legal aid and advocacy program for them while facilitating community centers and prison visit projects. She aims to bring international best practices to the domestic policy and development framework.

Finalist - Social Action Award

Dr. Munir Sewani

The Open University

Amongst many professions, Dr. Munir is a teacher and a human rights advocate, serving as Assistant Professor at Sindh Madressatul Islam University. Formerly a visiting academic scholar at the Humboldt University of Berlin and the University of California, Berkeley. Munir has presented his research at multiple conferences, and empowered with digital literacy he has disseminated education to underprivileged communities including teachers from over 65 countries.