The British Alumni Association of Pakistan (BAAP) is a society of UK graduates living in Pakistan. It was formed as a part of British Council’s global alumni development initiative. Representing graduates from various UK Universities, our various cultural, social and educational activities have brought British graduates, new and old, closer together. 

UK Alumni Photo Exhibitions 2019-2020

Are you a graduate of a UK higher education institute and currently working in Pakistan? 

The British Council would like to profile UK graduates doing incredible work in their fields through photo exhibitions across Pakistan.  These exhibitions will be a part of networking events which will help raise profiles and share the incredible stories of UK alumni in Pakistan. If you think that you have a great story to tell through a photo, take 3 action shots of your work with your mobile phone and share it with us! SEE THE POSTER

Make sure the images follow the guidelines below:

  • High resolution– not pixelated/ blurry
  • Coloured 
  • Good lighting
  • Landscape shots only
  • Photo credits
  • Size: No more than 2MB each image
  • 250 words description on each image
  • Month and year the picture was taken
  • Ensure consent has been taken from all participants of the image

To submit, email with the following: your full name, UK university, current address, city and phone number on, with subject: Submission-UK Alumni Photo Exhibition.The email should not exceed 10 MB

The photo submissions will be judged according to the criteria below: 

  • Subject of the image 
  • Story behind the image
  • Description of the image

Last submission date is now 25 August 2019

UK Alumni Scholarships 2019

This year we are happy to announce UK Alumni Scholarships 2019. These scholarships which are worth GBP 1,000 (per scholar) are intended for the professional development of UK alumni in Pakistan.

Some examples of professional development include: 

  • To attend a conference or workshop in the alumni’s field of study or employment
  • To complete a short-term training that adds value to the alumni’s resume
  • To maintain links with UK institutions or organisations, such as participating in trainings, competitions or events by UK higher education institution
  • To undertake further research in an area of expertise
  • To organize an event such as a conference or workshop in their field for professional development of other UK Alumni 


The only eligibility criteria for this scholarship is that you must have graduated from a higher education institute in the UK.

Application process

  • Complete the application form (see the documents section below)
  • Short-listing of applications
  •  Finalization of scholars

Judging Criteria

  • Goals that the scholar has set out in the application
  • Impact that the proposed activity will have on the scholar’s development
  • Wider impact that the proposed activity will have on the scholar’s profession/community/more widely in Pakistan
  • Quality of application


Please email your completed application by 11:59pm, Sunday, February 17th at and attach a copy of your degree from your UK university for verification.

UK Alumni Awards

The British Council holds an award ceremony annually to celebrate the achievements and contributions of UK Alumni in Pakistan. The top finalists and winners of last year’s awards and categories are as follows: 

Osman Haneef Entrepreneurial Award Oxford University
Shahzaib Ali Professional Achievement Award University of Manchester
Salima Begum Social Impact Award Institute of Education, The University of London

The Award

Enter the awards to shine a spotlight on your achievements and the impact of your work, raising your international profile. Finalists also benefit from building their professional networks and business connections, and could win a trip to the UK.

Alumni applicants from Pakistan will be entered into the regional Alumni Awards, and winning stories will be celebrated digitally in a promotional campaign across the region. Top scoring regional applicants will then be automatically entered into the global awards and the three global winners will be invited to the UK for a professional development and networking opportunity. 

Alumni awards 2018-19 are schedule to be held in February 2019. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Graduate of a UK university in the last 15 years
  • Currently living in Pakistan
  • Have gone on to achieve exceptional success

How to Apply:

Applications for Alumni Awards 2018-19 are now open!  For more information, please visit Education UK Awards page.