Professional English language solutions for organisations 

The English language is continually evolving.  With this evolution, English language teaching and learning methodologies and in fact, entire learning platforms, have come a long way as well.  Not only have learning platforms transformed but crucially, mind-sets have had to change as well to meet the rapidly changing needs of the 21st century.

Digital English language learning is definitely the new way forward.  Our digital English language solutions are being eagerly taken up by an increasing number of organisations across Pakistan.  Representing diverse sectors such as education, oil and gas, manufacturing, banking and more, these organisations are improving the English language skills of their people with digital English solutions that really work. 

Self-paced learning is when learners can make their own decisions about when and where to study. In our digital English courses, learners are seated firmly in the driver’s seat and are navigating their own way around the interactive learning content. They are also free of the time pressures typically found in traditional learning and testing. Self-paced learning recognizes that learners have different learning styles and preferences and that’s why our learners can pace and adjust their English language learning journeys to match their signature styles.   

Large-scale training Our digital language solutions are designed to offer many benefits to organisations especially when they are seeking large-scale training programmes for lots of people - even thousands of people.  And our digital programmes work well even when learners are scattered in multiple locations.  

We remain continually in touch with the world of English. We use this intricate knowledge and insight to meticulously design and develop English solutions that help address contemporary English language challenges faced by people in all types of organisations and industries.

Since British Council started its worldwide operations in 1934, English remains one of our core offers. Our successful track record of over 80 years demonstrates our commitment and dedication to English. Our role is to bring the very latest and very best in English to you and to the people who represent you.  

Business gets better when English gets better. 

Meet the growing demand for communicating in English in the workplace by sharpening the English language skills of your employees and staff. Equip them with the language skills they need with the best English language solution provider in the country. 

Your people have excellent specialist knowledge to do their jobs well. What if they also had the right English language skills to back up their expertise and deliver even better results? What if they had more confidence in English to make a positive impact at every single contact with customers and clients?    

You have particular English language learning needs. 

We have the best English language learning solutions for you. 

Let us start a conversation around your particular English language needs and challenges. The conversations will become the basis of formulating a strategy specially designed around your organisational English language learning needs. 

Before you even sign-up, we can offer you the following free services: 

  1. English language learning needs: A thorough understanding of your organisational English language learning needs. This would happen in an initial meeting with our English Managers. 
  2. Concept Note: A Concept Note that lays out the essential road-map of the English language learning intervention for your organisation. 
  3. Proposal:  A tailor-made Proposal that contains the rationale, detailed training calendar, training budget, pre and post training assessments (if required) for your organisation. 
  4. Contract: A formal Contract between your organisation and the British Council.   

Our English courses have been designed by English language experts from the UK and are structured to ensure participants make steady progress. 

A special advantage is that our courses are designed to comfortably handle small to very large numbers of participants - any number from minimum 25 to thousands of people. In fact, the price drops with more participants.  We have a sliding scale for larger volumes of participants or users of our courses.  

English for Emails 

A lot of people still have problems writing emails in the workplace. Our English for Emails course take participants steadily along a learning path designed to improve their business email communications. English for Emails has everything covered - from basic email skills to how to report about any event, express urgency, do follow-ups, email clear instructions, ask for more information, arrange a meeting and much more. Make your email communications work for you to create the results and impact you need. 

Learn English Select

Getting into the workplace takes skills. Learn English Select prepares people with the application and interviewing skills they need to be employable to reach their career ambitions. For those in the workplace, performing with confidence on the job is still a daily challenge. With Learn English Select, your employees will learn to communicate more effectively in English in everyday work situations, including meetings, discussions, presentations including informal socialising. They will learn to speak professionally in public when representing your organisation and its products and services, and when interacting with your clients, customers, partners and stakeholders.

Please download the course detail PDFs from the downloads section below.

English language skill development courses*
    All courses are offered in either the Digital or Blended training options**
English for Emails Professionalise and standardise all your internal and external email communications to improve your institute’s productivity and build its positive image among stakeholders.  
Learn English Select Improve all business English skills for better communication in professional work environments, in scenarios like meetings, presentations, job interviews and much more.  

*All courses are paid courses 

** Digital and blended training 

FAQs Digital training  Blended training
What is digital or blended learning? 100% online course  
What is the benefit of using the digital or blended version of the course?

Good for training large groups of participants

Good for participants located or scattered in multiple locations. 

Benefit from both online as well as face-to-face training conducted by our highly trained, competent and hand-picked trainers. 
How does digital or blended learning benefit the user?

Good for busy people because they can learn at their own pace.

Good for users who want to be in charge of when and where to learn.

Users get the best of both training worlds – online and face-to-face. 

It is more fun and engaging!

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Important Notice:

  • If you are an individual who is interested in English language courses for yourself only, please email The above courses are only for organisations and therefore we would be responding only to organisations making enquiries about our English organisational solutions. 
  • If you are an institution / organisation that is interested in having your people improve their English for the workplace, please email one of our English representatives according to the table.