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The British Council offers 30 hours of online self study materials for free, exclusive to all candidates who register. It has now been open for all candidates applying for IELTS. There is no time restriction to take the IELTS test with us online - register now.

Codes are sent to candidates once a week. If you have received your access codes please log on to the Road to IELTS Online Portal

What is Road to IELTS Online?

• 30 hours of free self-study materials from the British Council to support your preparation 

• 3 units, each based on commonly used IELTS topics 

• Each unit covers all four sections of the exam (listening, reading, writing and speaking) 

The course allows you to:

  • practice IELTS listening tasks under timed conditions 
  • view sample videos of speaking tests, highlighting good and less good practice 
  • develop vocabulary and techniques for writing tasks 1 and 2 
  • work on authentic texts for the reading test as in the real exam 
  • develop vocabulary in topic areas commonly used in the IELTS exam.

What are the advantages for me?

• Instant Feedback 

• Gain instant feedback on your performance and monitor your personal progress. 

• Understand your mistakes 

• See the correct answers and receive tips and hints to help you improve. 

• Develop Confidence

As the exercises are based on real IELTS tasks, you become more familiar with the test and so feel more confident. 

Is Road to IELTS Online all I need to prepare for the exam?

Road to IELTS Online is a self study resource which we recommend you follow along with other forms of preparation (face to face courses or self study preparation books).

How and when do I get access to the materials?

When your payment for the IELTS test is confirmed you will be sent access codes to the materials - you will be able to use the materials up to three months before the date of your exam. You will then create your own personal log on and as a double check on your identity you will be asked to enter the date of your IELTS written test. You will be able to access the materials in the three months before the date of your test as many times as you wish, and up until one week after the date of your written exam.

Alternatively, you can go straight to Road to IELTS: Full Version to find out more about the full version of this e-learning product, including information about subscription packages.

Which version of Road to IELTS?  What do I get?  
Road To IELTS : Test Drive 10 hours of material that is available free to everyone   
Road To IELTS : Last Minute 20 hours of material (i.e. 30 in total) available free to all candidates who have registered for IELTS with the British Council  
Road To IELTS : Full Version 120 hours worth of material available for anyone to purchase