Learn English Radio 'Obla Air'

Learn English Radio

A radio series for learners of English

Do you want to improve your confidence in English?

  • Are you a teenager studying in school and want to improve your English?   
  • Do you want to boost your English skills so you can get the job you want or speak better English at the job you have?        
  • Maybe you are an adult who just wants to get better at your everyday English skills.
  • Or perhaps you want to be a better English teacher by improving your English skills.
  • You may even be a parent who teaches your young child or children at home. Or maybe you are an older sibling who helps your younger brother or sister with their daily English homework and you want to do a better job at it.

Whatever your reason, Learn English Radio is your answer!

Improve your English in short 15-minute chunks. 

Simply listen to Learn English Radio and boost your English skills - wherever you are!

It’s free.

It’s everywhere you are.

It’s quick.  

And most of all, it is FUN!   

So what is Learn English Radio?

Learn English Radio ‘Obla Air’ is a lively and fun drama-based radio production by the British Council which teaches functional or practical, everyday English language.

What is the main focus of Learn English Radio?

It is about English for social purposes paired with language learning that is all set in an interesting work-place environment.  Different social themes are mixed with language learning.  

And what does ‘Obla Air’ mean?

Obla Air is an imaginary, small independent ‘budget’ airline, which operates with only one plane.  Captain Maas Obla, the owner of the airline and his crew are so committed they’ll do anything to keep flying!

Who can listen?

Anyone who wants to learn or improve their English!

What is special about this radio programme?  

Lots! You will hear:

  • a fun and lively radio presentation style with music
  • both English and Urdu. The presenter speaks to listeners in Urdu and the co-presenter speaks in English.
  • lively interaction between a small number of very interesting characters, both male and female, working in an interesting context.
  • storylines with plenty of drama, adventures and ‘cliff-hangers’!  

Why radio?

Because radio: 

  • is easily and readily accessible by everyone, on your mobile handset, on your radio set, on the car radio... everywhere!
  • reaches people in far-flung or remote areas
  • is useful especially where there is low levels of school attendance by students
  • is very effective at improving listening skills. 

So what is in the actual radio programme?

The basic format of Learn English Radio:

  • has 20 fifteen-minute long episodes spread over 20 weeks
  • a soap opera in the first five minutes
  • a thematic topic in the next five minutes and  
  • teacher talk covering grammar and vocabulary in the last five minutes.

Watch this space for more updates.

Happy listening!