Learn English Radio

Learn English Radio ‘Obla Air’  is a lively radio series from the British Council designed to help you learn and improve your English. 

Obla Air, now in its fifth series, follows the adventures of Maas Obla, the owner and pilot of the budget airline Obla Air, as he and his crew try to keep their one and only aeroplane flying high! 

Each series has twenty 15-minute episodes which help you improve your vocabulary, syntax and English comprehension.

Simply tune into Learn English Radio on FM 101 every Sunday from 5:30 pm to 5:45 pm. Improve your English - fifteen minutes at a time! 

Check out the complete radio schedules here

Teaching English Radio

What is Teaching English Radio (TER)?

Teaching English Radio is a series of radio productions designed especially for teachers of English. 

Every series of Teaching English Radio has 12 episodes that are each 15 minutes long. Each episode is packed with teaching tips, advice and strategies that you can start using right away in your classroom.

Broadcast over thirty countries, Teaching English Radio features international content such as: 

Interviews of English language teachers from around the world

Listen and learn from the experiences of countless English language teachers as they successfully navigate their way around some of the most common teaching issues found in an English classroom like: teaching pronunciation, planning lessons, how to manage large classes, homework challenges, correction techniques that work, how to motivate your students and much more!   

Each episode has interviews of teachers from at least five countries. For example, in the seventh episode from TER series one, you will hear teachers sharing their classroom experiences from eight different countries: Pakistan, Egypt, India, Taiwan, Mexico, Nepal, Malaysia and Zambia. 

Direct Classroom Recordings 

This is where you can hear how actual English language classrooms are conducted in different countries from around the world. 

For example, episode 10 of TER series two is a visit to a pronunciation class in Brazil where you can hear teacher Helder teaching a special demonstration class on pronunciation.  

Tune into Teaching English Radio FM 101 every Saturday from 5.30 to 6.00 PM

Check out the complete radio schedules here

NEW: Teaching English Radio goes live and interactive! 

This time, right after listening to each episode you can call in, ask questions and take part in a live discussion around that week’s teaching topic. 

Simply tune in every Saturday at 5.30 PM and the RJ will guide you right through how to take part.

We encourage you to share your classroom teaching experiences with the weekly topics. Try out the new Teaching English Radio teaching tips and strategies in your classroom and share your experiences on-air. We would love to hear from you! 

NEW: Teaching English Radio Booklets!

Each episode of Teaching English Radio now comes accompanied with a two-pager Teacher Support Worksheet. 

These worksheets are designed so English language teachers can reflect and have peer discussions on each episode’s topic. 

Simply complete this short survey and get your hands on the brand new complete set of four glossy booklets:

  1. Booklet one: Teaching English Radio series one 
  2. Booklet two:  Teaching English Radio series two
  3. Booklet three:  Teaching English Radio series three
  4. Booklet four:  Teaching English Radio series four.    

Important: The booklets are designed to be used together, to complement the Teaching English Radio episodes. So remember to tune in every Saturday to Teaching English Radio on FM 101 at 5.30 PM.

Watch this space for more coming your way!