To lead facilities and administration function in Karachi/Lahore, and ensure effective systems and processes for safety of staff and visitors in the office are in place 


Reference number KHI/B/55/1516, LHE/B/56/1516
Location Karachi & Lahore
Duration Indefinite contract of employment
Closing date Wednesday, 02 September 2015

Role overview

Lead management of office premises

  • Oversee BC managed premises including office, Libraries and UK appointed staff accommodations.
  • Ensure any premises project carried on from time to time is as per agreed processes of procurement, contracting and adheres to an approved project plan.
  • Ensure that the requirements of internal customers are assessed and catered to through effective management of premises and related projects
  • Ensure that the premises are safe and fit for purpose on an ongoing basis. 

 Planning and management of facilities functions 

  • Manage any outsourced facilities functions to achieve contractual service standards;
  • Ensure compliance with corporate and local standards in the areas of health & safety, security, business continuity provision.
  • Identify process and system improvements and make recommendations for wider improvements in facilities management 
  • Budget management, control, compliance and cost efficiency

Corporate Initiatives

  • Ensure compliance with Information Knowledge Management agenda for facilities and admin function in Lahore/Karachi and act as a change agent.


  • Liaise with Heads of Security for the safety of UK staff and for their house facility issues
  • Effective, timely and tactful liaison with various authorities, custom authorities and other government departments for clearance of import/export
  • Management and support of inventory and asset management

How to apply

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