A wide range of examinations/qualifications for medical professionals are offered. The British Council Pakistan can conduct the exams listed below.

We run an on demand service for these exams. As a candidate you must first register with your university or institution of choice, organise your exam and then get in touch with us. We will host the exam on behalf of the institution.

If that is not clear, or you need assistance, please contact us.

Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB)

Postgraduate medical studies in the UK can be very rewarding, and a great boost for your career.

Before you travel to the UK to undertake your training, you'll need to first obtain your limited registration. This registration is only available in educationally approved, supervised posts, to ensure you receive proper training.

The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) Test is designed to assess your knowledge and skills, and your ability to work safely in your first appointment as a senior house officer in a British hospital.

Find out if you're eligible for limited registration. Part one is held at centres in the United Kingdom and in certain other countries, including Pakistan.

Part 1 of the PLAB test can be taken in Islamabad and Karachi in Pakistan (PLAB1). Part 2 is taken in the UK. Exams are held in March, July and November. Fee for Part 1 is STG145 and registration is done through the online GMC portal by the candidates. If you feel any difficulty in registering you can contact your respective British Council office.

Part two can only be taken in the United Kingdom. The GMC website has details of dates and test centres as well as further information about the PLAB1 and online registration.

Member of Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists (MRCOG)

The Membership examination is intended for those who wish to specialise in obstetrics and gynaecology, and is a two-part examination: Part 1 MRCOG is a written examination in the basic and clinical sciences relevant to obstetrics and gynaecology. It can be taken at any time after medical graduation, although it is a requirement for specialty trainees who are progressing from ST2 to ST3.

Part 2 MRCOG can be sat once the Part 1 examination has been successfully completed. It is a requirement for specialty trainees in order to progress from ST5 to ST6, and it is necessary for prospective candidates to have their training assessed prior to entry into the examination.

If you require any further information which is not available on website, please email the Examination Department at: examsadmin@rcog.org.uk or telephone: +44 (0)20 7772 6210.

Member of Royal College of Physicians (MRCP UK)

Part 1 Examination

The MRCP (UK) Part 1 Examination is designed to assess a candidate's knowledge and understanding of the clinical sciences relevant to medical practice and of common or important disorders to a level appropriate for entry to specialist training. The MRCP(UK) Part 1 Examination has a two-paper format. Each paper is 3 hours in duration and contains 100 multiple choice questions in one from five (best of five) format, where a candidate chooses the best answer from five possible answers.

Details are correct as the time of publication but the MRCP(UK) Central Office reserves the right to change these at any time. 

The MRCP website includes details on how to register for the MRCP (UK) Part 1 examination.

Part 2 Examination

The MRCP (UK) Part 2 Written Examination can be taken by physicians in training who have passed the MRCP (UK) Part 1 Examination or who have exemption from the MRCP (UK) Part 1 Examination. Success in this examination demonstrates the attainment of the minimum level of knowledge expected at the completion of General Professional Training and the ability to apply this knowledge to clinical problem solving and clinical practice.

Member of Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP [INT] - South Asia)

MRCGP [INT] stands for 'Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners [International]'. This is a separate grade of membership available by examination only, for doctors who pass an MRCGP [INT]-accredited examination outside the UK. International Membership is available for family medicine doctors in a number of locations throughout the world.

MRCGP – South Asia examination is offered by the South Asia Board, and preference is given to family doctors across South Asia, as well as expatriate South Asian doctors working in neighbouring countries who intend to return to work in the South Asia region. This exam is not appropriate for other regions.

Member of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (MRCS.ED, FRCS.ED, MFDS-RCS.ED)

In 1505, the incorporation of the Barber-Surgeons of Edinburgh came into being with the granting of its Seal of Cause by the Town Council of Edinburgh (See "History of the College"). Since then, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh has been dedicated to the maintenance and promotion of the highest standards of surgical practice, through its keen interest in education, training and rigorous examination and through its liaison with external medical bodies.

The College deals with the following qualifications:

Intercollegiate MRCS Part A Examinations

The Diploma of Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery
Faculty of Dental Surgery

The Diploma of Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is a long established assessment which was revised and updated in 2007, in order to allow dental surgeons to demonstrate the acquisition of knowledge, understand and clinical competence during the first two years of their Foundation Training.

It marks a level of achievement above and beyond the primary dental qualification and demonstrates an early commitment to professional development.

For those aspiring to enter specialist training, it will also provide a significant contribution to the portfolio of evidence which would be required to demonstrate suitable eligibility.

For further information please visit the RCSEd website or contact mfds.exams@rcsed.ac.uk

The Fellowship Examination in Ophthalmology of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
FRCSEd (Ophth)

Following an extensive review of the examinations in Ophthalmology conducted by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, major changes have been made and the College is now offering a three part Fellowship Examination in Ophthalmology.

All candidates should be aware that the new-format FRCSEd (Ophth) Examination has been designed for use as a conjoint examination with partner organisations overseas. Although the examination is not recognised by PMETB as an assessment that would contribute towards the award of the Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT), UK trainees may apply for this examination if they wish to do so.

For further information please see the College website or email ophthalmology.exams@rcsed.ac.uk